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Pearl jewelry elegant with its unique nuclear blurred mystery fascinated people, especially in the last two years in Japan and Europe and the United States, pearl jewelry reserved style and temperament attracted many women to become fashion accessories a major mainstream.

Pearl necklace jewelry is always popular. However, even more popular this year, to observe the Korean. The star of Japanese drama series, the television hostess. Pearl has become every woman’s jewelry box essential items. Whether you dress or the simple elegance, add a pearl necklace are equally suitable, there will not be feeling too grand.

Colorful style of pearl necklace, and now no longer the exclusive ladies of ancient ornaments, and a modern women’s fashion accessories. Their variety, according to its length can be divided into several categories:

A: collar type About more than 30mm shorter necklace worn side by side, close fitting neck with a Victorian atmosphere of luxury, very fit and V-neck, boat collar or low-cut evening dress with a strapless.

B: short necklace Wear a single string length of around 40mm pearl necklace is most classical but also the most popular and practical choice. Single-string pearl necklace with any classical or fashion Evening loaded with, and can match with any kind of collar.

C: Princess Type About 45-48mm in length. Princess necklace is especially suitable type of clothing with the high collar, but also can be used with other pendant pendant, adding a sense of movement.

D: martini type Length of about 50-58mm pearl necklace. It is longer than the princess type, but slightly shorter than the length of the opera-type necklace. Martini type is casual or professional suite of best match.

E: opera-type Length of about 70-80mm pearl necklace. Opera type of various length pearl necklace in the most popular clothing with the perfect combination of high collar can also be wrapped into two bunches of short necklace, to a different kind of effect.

F: Long-knot rope necklace Production exceeds 110mm, you can choose different ways to wear. Elegant and sexy long necklace is also a favorite of the famous designer Chanel. Will slightly change the long necklace clasp that can easily change it into a multi-string necklace bracelet mix together.

G: multi-string necklace gradient Over by the super 8mm beads, gradually reduced to about 6-7mm in the beads, determined up to 5mm below the bead, from dozens to hundreds of pieces ranging from 5 to 10 laps around the neck, quite romantic, liberated the gas, and completely forgetting free and easy.

H: dress necklace By the multiple strings of different lengths of pearl necklace thread, arranged in the chest, usually without falling, as with the four seasons dress is equipped with its name, appear dignified, graceful, elegant features, so called luxury necklace.

Choose points:
Luster round pearl necklace, elegant, with a good decorative effect, especially for sex by the favor. Select the appropriate jewelry pearl necklace and pendant and so on, often lack a sense of play to make up for face effect. In general, the long face of the people should choose a short or double-nested necklace, can produce a complete sense of face. A round face and neck, chunky women, while only type or Martini Princess necklace suitable type can be formed in the front “V” shaped lines to improve the overall visual effect. Quartet face of the person select the opera-type necklaces or other long necklaces, will make the face image to be changed. In contrast, the most perfect oval face, can of color, hairstyle and dress casual with a choice of different kinds of pearl necklace.