Health talks Artest

This is really wonderful scene: Lakers team recognized as the most weird and incomprehensible to a person, actually went to high school to a lecture on mental health? “I know there will be no parents want their children to listen to a talk show house to show boxer shorts, people do talk, but I do not care about these things.” Artest said this is, but on Montebello, California junior high school in the Eastmont hall podium. Artest last week, the theories in the schools, as students tell their stories have received psychological treatment, and enlighten the students need help to guide them how out of the woods. For a frequent urge to shave weird hair, micro-Bo scolded on a regular basis, but also because the F1 car has just opened on the road while the players are penalized for what he used to tell students the importance of their mental stability to keep it? “I do not think you are qualified for this job.” Hundreds of young man in front of Ron Artest is actually very honest, “This is a very important issue, I do not want to send the wrong message. But who is more than I have to talk about this topic it? “


Artest is subject to a local politician Grace Napo Li Tanuo invited to lecture, and the latter is committed to the California Mental Health program through the junior high schools the motion. So wearing a hole in jeans, tennis shoes and sports jacket, with a slightly stiff smile, Artest bare in front of his students were the most vulnerable side. Ron Artest of the students admitted that when his 8-year-old when seen psychiatrist. Artest was a child at the time, they saw their father regularly beat her mother, parents often heated arguments occur, domestic violence, Ron Artest left to the psychological shadow, to break the marriage of their parents when Artest temper more and more irritable, have hands-beaten students, and students with a locking hose hand pinched neck. Artest’s mother to see his son appeared violent and turn to anger management counseling center, which saved the lives of Artest. “My mother told me, ‘Son, your bad temper too bad, need help from others.'” Artest said, “Then I said OK, I will get help, it makes my life took a radical change . ” A full 20 minutes, the whole enveloped in a quiet and pious hall to listen to the atmosphere, the Lakers Titans who see no hostility.


“In the past 5 years, I always wanted to mental health assistance, but has not the right opportunity, because the lack of an influential platform. If the past is to say, may only have 10 or 20 people will see to what we do. the king, I want to do it. I have done marriage counseling, have done consulting temper control. These made me understand a truth is not abnormal behavior counseling . ” Just after the Lakers won last season, facing the media cameras, Artest has given himself the right therapist to help express their gratitude. “I matured, I will not go complaining that people think of me,” Artest said, “After the win, I was thinking, am I to say this? In the nationally televised stage that these? Later, I said to myself, ‘This is important than you should. This important than you personally. more people need to listen to them’. ” “On playoffs, I experienced many things, of course, it wasn’ta bad thing. Some Shi Wei Liao Zong title Suo we must overcome problem, there are some Meiti improper speculation on me. Suoyi my problem with others also not the same, but she helped me over the hump. “is to realize the benefits of psychological counseling, Artest will be a guest counselors overwhelmed. “I am not a perfect person, I hope he is, but I’m not. When you realize that mental health problems, you do not need to fear in the hearts.”