Clothing for business woman

Any successful business womens clothing store trying to look stylish. Image, appearance, play an important role in establishing the business and professional contacts. After all, no wonder there is a saying: “By their looks met, escorted by the mind.” Thus, the first impression of you is composed in appearance, by the way you are dressed. A first impression is very difficult to correct later. You can be a compelling and vivid, but negotiating with men, remember that they will appreciate your vivid image, but not properly perceive the important issues you are discussing, and thus do not perceive you seriously. Therefore, the modern business womanmust take responsibility for choosing their clothes Clothing for business woman does not accept deviations from the correct forms, humble, steadfast colors, clear, straight lines FLANMARK.COM. The ideal version of such a garment – a business suit. The color scheme is acceptable in a business suit – a black, blue, green, olive, burgundy, brown, gray. Unacceptable clothing, exaggerate figure of a woman, as well as bright, flashy colors and shiny materials. Clothing for business woman should be comfortable, in classic style, in a reasonable degree of stress the dignity of the female figure. There are two options for a business suit business woman: trouser suit and a suit with a skirt. Permissible length skirts – knee or 2 cm below the knee. Bryuki allowed wide and narrow, but high-waisted. Alternative business suit can serve as a dress. Dress for business women should be uniform, without cleavage FLANMARK.COM and bare shoulders. The length of the dresses should be knee-length, or 1-2 cm above the knee. This dress is always possible to decorate the neck with a handkerchief or a suspension. Required attributes of business style women: closed shoes at a low and stable heels, pantyhose flesh, beige color, which must be worn even in summer. Do not forget businesswoman and a modest makeup, manicure tidy, neat hair. There is an unspoken opinion that the clothing of any business lady should be composed of seven major items: coats, dresses, skirts, jackets, blouses, pants and a pullover. When selecting clothing business style emphasis on convenience. Choose clothes made from natural materials, no flashy accessories. The clothes for the office does not use such materials as denim, chiffon, velvet, organza, leather, satin, brocade and lace. Prohibited clothingfor business woman – is so beloved by many jeans, mini skirts, translucent blouse, black tights, high heels and a scooped neckline, shorts. If you’re bored with a business suit, his repertoire, blouses, dim and bright accessories FLANMARK.COM. Office style allows more freedom when choosing blouses: the cell, the strip is not a conspicuous figure. With the enhancements to be careful. Thin chain with a small pendant, engagement ring, earrings short – is, perhaps, the entire allowable range of accessories. It is advisable not to wear jewelry, it is a sign of good taste. Do not forget that your appearance – it’s attitude to themselves and others, it prepodnesenie themselves to the society. In larger organizations, clothing – especially of the corporate culture, the so-called “dress code”. Clothing business woman reflects her taste, knowledge of etiquette and basic respect for others. Therefore, going to a business meeting in the office of a large company, think about how you want to be perceived: as a frivolous coquette, or a successful business woman. Remember that your clothes should emphasize your elegance, refined taste and charm.